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  • Do you hand roll cigars at events?
    No. I have found that there are too many variables to rolling a quality cigar, making it very difficult to get a good one onsite. Things like weather (heat or cold) and humidity are factors. In addition, when rolling onsite, the roller can get in a hurry as the line gets longer and you might get a cigars that is too tight or too loose. Besides, I'd rather spend time visiting with your guests and talking about their favorite cigars. Having said that, our Guapo Cigars are fresh and hand rolled in Austin by a master roller.
  • I want to try the Cigar Bar, but don't know anything about cigars. Can you help?
    Absolutely. Our afficianados are not just clerks. We help you select the cigar you will enjoy, show you how to cut it and light it, as well as how to keep your future purchases fresh.
  • Do you sell Cuban cigars?
    I get this question a lot... but no. They are still generally illegal in the US.
  • How can I use the cigar bar to promote my business?
    For starters, you can sponsor an event by paying our service fee to attend the event. Golf tournaments are a great example. You can also get custom banded cigars and accressories with your name and logo. We can also provide custom signage to make sure you are recognized for the event.
  • What cigars do you carry?
    Our inventory changes as needs change. We offer premium cigars like Rocky Patel, Partagas, Montecristo, Padron, Macanudo, Gurhka, in addition to our own private-labeled, locally hand-rolled Guapo Cigars. Don't see your brand? Let us know and we can see about stocking it for your event.
  • What other products do you carry besides cigars?
    We stock all of the accessories you need like cutters, lighters, ashtrays, humidors, you name it. We DO NOT sell vapes, CBDs, or cigarettes.
  • What area do you service?
    Our prices are based on local events (Dallas, Rockwall, Kaufman, Collin, Hunt Counties). There may be an additional charge for events outside this area, please contact us for additional details!
  • Do you sell alcohol?
    No. We are not licensed to sell alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own favorite adult beverage. If you like, we can refer you to a mobile liquor bar that can come to your event as well.
  • Do you sell by the box?
    Yes. We offer discounts for buying cigars by the box. We can ship them right to your door, fresh and ready to enjoy.
  • What's the best way to contact you?
    Click on our About Us page, call, text, or email.
  • What do I get for the "Service or Set Up Fee"?
    For the service fee, you get our cigar afficianados with our mobile cigar bar, along with a trailer filled with premium cigars and accessories. We come to your event and set up with outdoor furniture for your guests to lounge in while enjoying their cigars.
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