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What People Say About Us

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Good prices and variety.

- WB

What a fun idea! 

- PH

This gentleman was extremely kind and helpful. Would definitely like to go back.

- PS

- We had a gret time. Can't wait until next year. We will make it bigger and better. 

- TM

We loved having you at our event.



Haril Walpole has been an avid cigar smoker for a lot of years. After retiring as Chief of Police, after 35 years of law enforcement, he decided what better business to get into than something you love? 

Having hung out in cigar bars and lounges, Haril loved the camaraderie and social aspect of sitting with a group of people, watching a game, and sharing cigar stories. The only downside to the brick and mortal cigar bar was, you had to go to their location. Sometimes that isn't convenient.


Well, with a passion for cigars, Haril decided to take that cigar bar concept and make it mobile so instead of customers having to come to the cigar bar, he brings the cigar bar to the customer with a custom designed trailer to take the cigars to parties and events. Wanting to create a space to foster the camaraderie he enjoyed, once parked tables and chairs are set up outside and there's a TV to watch the game. Patrons can come inside and shop a great selection of premium cigars and enjoy them with their friends. Best of all, you get all of this brought to your private party or public event.  

By the cigar or by the box, Guapo Cigars can add flare to your next event.



Contact us to book for any occasion.,  or get a quick quote on a box of your favorite cigars. 

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