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When you book with Guapo Cigars, we bring our air conditioned mobile cigar bar stocked with premium cigars and accessories, tables, chairs, and an inviting atmosphere. All you need are a few friends and maybe some cocktails. 

Private Party 
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Invite us to your bachelor party, sports gathering, tailgate party or other private event. We will bring the cigars, you bring the friends and take your party to the next level. 

Public Events
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Enhance your event or business with our premium cigars. Events like rodeos, fairs, antique shows, wineries, breweries, distilleries can all benefit from having us attend.

Order by the box
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Order your favorite  cigars by the box and save.


Check our accessories catalog for all the cigar accessories you need.

Try our private banded, hand rolled cigars.
Quality at an affordable price! 

$139 + tax and shipping
That's only $5.79 a stick!

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